Place Your Bets (Cover: Germany)

Inside Schröder's gambit to defeat opposition leader Angela Merkel

The Mouse that Roared (Germany | Viewpoint)

Viewpoint: Angela Merkel won't be easy to beat, says Gerd Langguth


Welcome To The Club (Business | Africa Rising)

South Africa's blacks join a club that once excluded them

Building Confidence (Africa | Business)

Why big infrastructure projects are vital to Africa's long-term development

Power Plays (Africa | Energy)

Bringing power to Africa's poor in simple, creative ways

Brand Aid, Not Band-Aid (Africa | Viewpoint)

VIEWPOINT: Could some of Africa's problems be solved by starting with an image makeover?


Trial and Error (Notebook | Nigeria)

Is Liberia's former leader working with al-Qaeda?

Great Leap Backwards (Notebook | Zimbabwe)

As times get tougher in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe gets tougher still, the biggest winner may be China

Don't Mention the War (Notebook | Letters)

Readers agreed with our cover story on Britain's general election: the outcome — a historic third term for Tony Blair's Labour government — was a foregone conclusion, but beneath the surface lurked troubling issues, from the unresolved war in Iraq to the future of public services



Selling to the Poor

Multinational firms are finding a surprisingly lucrative market in targeting low-income consumers



Jungle Music (Global Adviser | Curtain Raiser)

The Rainforest World Music Festival offers musical talent amid the trees

Sydney's Hot Tables (Global Adviser | Amuse Bouche)

Dining out on some of the best that New South Wales has to offer

The Far Side (Global Adviser | Diversions)

Ultramarathoners are finding a new place to run wild: Mongolia

Summertime Hues (Global Adviser | Style Watch)

The coming season should be shown in full color