Too Close To Call (Olympics 2004 | Great Moments)

TIME looks back at some of the closest finishes in Olympic history

Games On (Athens 2004)

As the Olympics come home, Athens gets ready to welcome the world's biggest celebration of sporting excellence


Long-Running Rivalry (Olympics 2004 | Africa)

The traditional clash between Ethiopia and Kenya in distance running is also a contest between competing visions of sport

Something Wild (Athens 2004 | Kayaking)

Austria's top whitewater kayakers share a love for the sport — and for each other

Queen Of The Bars (Athens 2004 | Gymnastics)

To win gold at three consecutive Games, Russian star Svetlana Khorkina must take on a new generation


Schröder's Private Pilgrimage (Notebook | Germany)

The German Chancellor's very personal visit to Romania is the latest step in a painful journey for him and his country

Beware Of Bouligans (Notebook | Sporting Scandals)

Sacrebleu! France’s national pastime is under suspicion

Bizwatch (Notebook)

Net gains for travelers; Happy Hallyday

Worldwatch (Notebook)

Bullets Vs Ballots in Kabul; Denmark's Iraq shame; New Passport Restrictions




The Price of Wealth (Environment | Iceland)

Iceland wants energy-hungry industries, but at what cost?


Hong Kong's Golden Boy

Martin Booth's posthumously published mving memoir of an exotic childhood in the 1950s British colony


Reaching Olympic Heights (Global Adviser | Athens 2004 | Time Traveler)

Enjoying historical Greece needn't mean living a monk's existence

The Food of the Gods (Global Adviser | Amuse-Bouche)

Watching the Games is hungry work. Here are three tasty ways to treat yourself

Pieces of Paradise (Global Adviser | Day-Tripper)

For some fun and sun after the Games, try one of Greece's island treasures

Bouzouki Blues (Global Adviser | Diversions)

Rembetika is the soul music of the greek archipelago

Athens' Precious metals (Global Adviser | Style Watch)

There's gold and silver to be had outside the confines of the Olympic stadium