Bill's Big Book (Cover Story | The Clinton Memoirs)

With his much-anticipated memoir, My Life, Bill Clinton is back — celebrating, settling scores, reliving the Monica scandal, reveling in the political fray


Closer Union Or Superstate? (Europe | The E.U. Constitution)

Leaders finally agree on a new constitution, but the document leaves the E.U.'s future — loose union or super-state? — still unresolved

Winners and Losers (Europe | Election 2004)

In the first European Parliament elections since E.U. expansion, citizens yawned at the grand experiment

Disorder in the Court (Europe | Serbia)

The testimony of the key suspect in the murder of Serbia's PM threatens to boost hard-line nationalists

Getting Pounded (Europe | Essay)

Life in the world's second-most expensive city, described by TIME's Josh Tyrangiel


Changing Flights (Global Business | Airlines)

Europe's big airlines take off again; low-cost carriers get buffeted

No Frills (Business | Airports)

Dawn of the DIY terminal


Surreality Bites (Arts | Exhibitions)

Czech provocateur Jan Svankmajer and his wife Eva plumb the depths of vision and consciousness


Expecting Change (Notebook | Fertility)

Size matters, at least in the late motherhood stakes. A new test could make all the difference

The Market Mover (Notebook | Yukos)

Russia's stock traders believe President Putin gets what he wants

Biz Watch (Notebook)

Clean-up Backlash; Sarkozy's Cuts;

World Watch (Notebook)

Arafat's Lucky Break? Romanian Child Ruling; Mail Bonding