To Bin? Or Not To Bin? (Cover | Spring Cleaning)

Increasingly, a European company's first response to scandal or poor performance is to replace its CEO.

The Fix-It Man (Cover | Vivendi)

How Jean-René Fourtou saved Vivendi


Tony's Big Adventure (Britain | The E.U. Constitution)

The PM backs a risky referendum on the E.U. constitution


The Price of Accession (Business | New Europe)

The citizens of "New" Europe are hoarding everything from sugar to cars as accession looms


Biz Watch (Notebook)

Alitalia's Catch-22; Tobacco Choked Off; Ford's Profits Drive

World Watch (Notebook)

Dangerous Days in Iraq; Sudan's Small Steps; No Dahling;


Fly And Buy (Global Adviser | Time Traveler)

Collectors will pay good money for weird travel memorabilia

After The Gold Rush (Global Adviser | Diversions)

For a rough, mining town in the Australian outback, Broken Hill has some surprisingly boho credentials.

A Card That Asks For ID (Global Adviser | Tech Watch)

Think Chip And Pin is secure? Look out for the next generation of plastic

But Does It Make Toast? (Global Adviser | Check In)

Hotels are vying with each other to use the latest gizmos. A short guide.

Ready, Set, Dance! (Global Adviser | Diversions)

The terpsichorean arts are gaining street cred