A Modern Epidemic (Cover | Diabetes: A Modern Epidemic)

We've never known more about preventing and treating diabetes, yet the number of people suffering from it is soaring. Why the disease is gaining ground — and how you can protect yourself


The Sky's The Limit (Europe | La Vie(w) Parisienne)

Can skeptical Parisians be convinced that skyscrapers are good for them and for Paris?


Collateral Damage (Israel | Rules of Engagement)

Israel's army re-examines its rules of engagement


Prosecuting Passivity (Notebook | France)

French couple are fined for allowing their dinner guest to drink and drive

Biz Watch (Notebook)

The Return of The IPO; New Haliburton Woes

World Watch (Notebook)

Serbia Goes to Extremes; Cypriots Move Closer; The Beagle Has Landed?


Autumn Of The Patriarch (Italy | The Parmalat Scandal)

Calisto Tanzi is accused of masterminding Europe's biggest-ever corporate fraud



Fido Deserves Five Stars (Check In)

At these canine-catering hotels, pets have trainers, masseuses — even psychologists

Hold On, I'm Being Fined (Dossier)

A new law will cost British drivers an on-the-spot $52 fine for using a handheld cell phone. Nice idea, but it's had mixed results elsewhere.

Paradise to Let (Cost-Of-Living-It-Up Index)

Looking for idyllic privacy? Why not rent a private island for a week?

Best Boots Forward (Style Watch)

The winter sale season is the perfect time to buy basic boots