“We Got Him.” (Cover | The Capture of Saddam)

Eight months after the fall of Baghdad, U.S. forces caught Saddam Hussein in a "spider hole" outside Tikrit


The Desperate Journey (Europe | The Immigrant's Tale)

TIME tracks a young illegal immigrant's harrowing nine-month journey from Somalia

I Hear You Knocking (Europe | The Immigration Debate)

Europeans are horrified by drownings and suffocations, that doesn't mean they are rejoicing when imigrants make it

Going To Extremes? (Europe | Serb Elections)

Nationalists seem ready to dominate Serbia's coming election

The Big Trial (Djindjic Trial | Q&A)

The man prosecuting the alleged murderers of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic talks to TIME


Democrat Or Autocrat? (Notebook | Russia)

Russia's future lies more than ever in the hands of Vladimir Putin

A Troubling Report (Ireland | Terrorism)

Did members of Britain's security forces help Loyalist bombers to kill 34 people?

Bizwatch (Notebook)

Internet Calling; Going Nuclear?

World Watch (Notebook)

Headscarf Ruling; The Phoenix Rises; Italy Switches Off


Lord Of The Dance (Dance | Matthew Bourne)

Choreographer Matthew Bourne goes global with a raft of crowd-pleasing new shows


Lost Gospels (Cover | The Lost Gospels)

The chaotic theologies of early Christianity are being rediscovered by scholars and laypeople alike


It's A Small World (Business | Small Biz Survival Guide)

A look at how four of Europe's small companies cope with challenges


The Next Gourmet Item: Salt (Food Fashions)

In the never-ending search for foods to be snobby about, gourmets have finally got to salt.

Trump Card (Diversions)

Thailand's all yours for $25,000

Pinstripes And Needles (Style Watch)

That immaculately dressed M.B.A. may well be sporting a tribal tattoo beneath his Paul Smith shirt.


The Industry Standards (Music | Comeback Kids)

Covering the old songs is a surefire way for performers to buff up their image. Or is it?