Can We Stop the Next Attack? (WAR ON TERROR)

Six months after Sept. 11, America has taken the fight to al-Qaeda. But behind the scenes, The CIA and FBI have been in a desperate scramble to fix a broken system before another strike comes


The Quality of Mercy

A tough Hamburg judge hopes to spread his party's brand of law and order to two more German states

Devil of a Time for Portugal

The Social Democrats look set to win the coming elections, but they may not have enough of a majority to push reforms

A Call For Help

As cell-phone theft becomes nastier and more frequent, the police and the mobile industry are getting tough


The Bribe Has Spoken

Kenyans are growing weary of a system pervaded by corruption — but who can orchestrate change?

The People's Choice

Zimbabwe's Morgan Tsvangirai could win this month's election. Will President Mugabe let him?


The Body Electric

Scientists are melding computer chips with the human nervous system, allowing people to extend, enhance and repair their senses


Top of The Range Rover

Ford hits the pedal on its deluxe models, putting Britain's revamped Land Rover into pole position




Why the West Wins

Chalk up the American and British victory in Afghanistan to the war ethos of the ancient Greeks