A Climate of Despair

As Earth Day approaches, governments scramble to save the Kyoto agreement — and to show how cleaner new technologies can help cool down the greenhouse

What You Can Do

Practical suggestions from Environmental Defense and the World Wildlife Fund


Saying No to Profits

Since Marks & Spencer and Danone announced thousands of job losses, France has been fighting back with court action, boycotts and demos

Putting Sparks in Marks

Once Britain's greatest brand, M&S has lost touch with consumers. Time to get back to basics?

The Last to Leave

An election next week could signal secession for Montenegro and the final breakup of Yugoslavia

End of the World News

The new management of Russia's independent TV network ousts "rebel" journalists in a morning raid

Poised for a Comeback

Two-time former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is preparing to return home from exile


Lucre and the Light

Thomas Kinkade has legions of fans in the U.S. Now, he's set his soft-focus sights on Europe

The Caveman Returns

A dark new album and a bright European tour prove Nick Cave is still the master of melancholy


The New Kabila

Laurent-Désiré's son says his purpose is peace and he takes orders from no one. Can he save the Congo?

Desperate Lives

The war in Congo has hit the already sick economy hard, driving people deeper into poverty and illness

Taking It to the Streets

AIDS activists have forced pharmaceutical firms to cut prices, but cheap drugs alone won't save Africa