True, a lot of our stock-market wealth is getting vaporized in front of our eyes, but how bad it gets still depends on how spooked we get

Sympathy Pains

Europe's markets were supposed to have parted ways with the Dow Jones and NASDAQ. No such luck


Portraits of Plague

Britain's rampaging foot-and-mouth outbreak raises fears of an epidemic in Europe — and throughout the world

Man of the Moment

A year after its divisive debut, Austria's rightist Freedom Party faces its first big electoral test

Battle for the Bundesrat

Party scandals could give Germany's Socialists control of parliament's troublesome upper house


Feast of Eden

Giant domes in a former clay quarry, housing a tropical rainforest and a Mediterranean landscape, reveal the symbiosis between man and plant


Can't Go Home Again

For Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, life is hard and the prospect of return is fading by the day




As the lines between TV and Internet blur, Europeans can expect lots of new, entertaining multimedia programs

Urge to Converge

Europe Online's distribution operations and Astra's satellite system make downloading software fast

Swede Success

What do you get when you take Hollywood and Stanford to Silicon Valley? Answer: K-World

Live and Clicking

It's TV, but it thinks like you do. Personal video recorders that allow ad-free viewing will change broadcasting

Let Us Entertain You

Gadget makers roll out their latest gee-whiz offerings, delivering multimedia bells and whistles in one neat electronic package

This Boy's Life

British teen Tom Hadfield has launched two successful start-ups and taken afterschool activity to a whole new level

Tune In to Tomorrow

Fancy a bit of British chat with your supper? Want to wake up to dreamy Icelandic pop? Here's how to surf the Web for the best radio


Clothes Vs. Fashion

The age-old dilemma at the heart of fashion has never been more troubling. Should it be art or commerce?