¡Evangélicos! (Society / Religion)

Seeking a break with the past, a quicker assimilation into the middle class and a closer relationship with God, Latinos are pouring into Protestant churches across the U.S.


The End of Easy Money (The Curious Capitalist)

It's getting tougher for capital to move around the world. That's dangerous for everyone

No Laughing Matter

The arrest of a popular Egyptian satirist bodes ill for the revolution


The Mystery of Animal Grief (Animal Behavior)

Scientists are finding new evidence that beasts honor, mourn and even hold wakes for their dead. What it reveals about them — and us



The Veils of Aleppo

As civil war rages around them, residents of Syria's largest city use colorful sheets to shield their homes and streets from the rifle scopes of snipers. Photographer Franco Pagetti captures a city under siege, where even the most ordinary objects have been drafted into battle



Shanghai Tang (Books)

Tash Aw captures the piquancy of China's megametropolis


Seeing Red

Not since the 1997 handover has there been so much anger and distrust between Hong Kong and China