The New Liberal Order (United States)

The Obama presidency is just the beginning. Why shifting attitudes about government will make Democrats the ruling party for a generation


Change. What It Looks Like (The Transition)

With the election won, the Obama team faces the realities of governing. What the transition reveals about the kind of President Obama will be


The Motherless Generation

With better wages and opportunities overseas, ever more women in the Philippines are making the wrenching choice to leave home — and their children — behind


Pruning Season (Strategies)

Once key to wealthy investors' portfolios, hedge funds are taking big hits as markets plunge. The industry may never be the same

No Free Rides, Kid (Legacies)

For successful parents, leaving wealth to the next generation is easy. More difficult is passing to privileged children the values and traits that will help them lead productive, fulfilling lives

Looking for the Bottom (Global Investing)

Grim economic indicators — and history — suggest stocks have further to fall


A Depressed Mood (Economy)

South Korea's faltering economy is bringing back memories of the 1997 financial crisis — and sinking the spirits of an entire nation


Great Greek Eats (Amuse-Bouche)

In Athens, all that famous rubble makes for some pricey tourist traps. But the city's love of fresh ingredients means that at least you can eat well on the cheap