Behind the Sunni-Shi'ite Divide (Cover Story)

The war between Iraq's Sunnis and Shi'ites has left the U.S.'s hopes of building a stable Iraq in ruins. Now it is threatening to spread throughout the Middle East and beyond. A look at the roots of the struggle within Islam—and whether anything can be done to stop it



A Day at the Races (Curtain Raiser)

Get your burnt-rubber fix at the Malaysian Grand Prix

Medicinal Purposes (Amuse Bouche)

Red White & Pure's "tonic cuisine" blends traditional Chinese medicine with advanced culinary techniques

Say Cheese (Check In)

Bhutan's Swiss Guesthouse offers the best alpine hospitality—and authentic raclette—in the Himalayas

Cruise Control (Diversions)

Small liners and private charters allow you to sail Asian waters in sedate style


The Markets' New Fear Factor

China's stock market dives 8.8% in a day, triggering sell-offs from Mumbai to Tokyo to New York. but the real economic concern for global investors is a U.S. slowdown



Temps in Prime Time (Notebook)

A new hit soap opera focuses on the lives of the Japan's growing army of part-time workers

Infernal Affairs vs. The Departed (Notebook)

The Hong Kong filmmaker behind Infernal Affairs—the basis for Martin Scorsese's Oscar-Winning The Departed— talks to TIME about Scorsese, cops, and what he thinks should have won Best Picture