The Passion of the Pope (Cover Story)

With his blunt talk on Islam, Benedict XVI is altering the debate between the Muslim world and the West. On the eve of his visit to Turkey, TIME looks at the roots of the Pope's views—and how they may define his place in history


India takes on the World

As once insular Indian companies prowl the planet for acquisitions, Indian-born executives are taking charge at some of the world?s top multinationals

Big Deals

Indian companies paid more than $10 billion to buy foreign firms this year alone. Here are some recent noteworthy acquisitions

A Philippine Shame (Essay)

Manila is doing too little to stop the unchecked killings of the country's activists


Thaksin's Asia Whirl (Notebook)

Thailand's former Prime Minister is back in the region on holiday—and he's making the generals nervous

Letters (Notebook)

A Laboratory for Asian Innovation


India's Growth Paradox

A foreign journalist delves into the curious dichotomies of a country's economic miracle


A Zen Palette (Amuse-Bouche)

Sushi is so '80s. Say hello to kaiseki, Japan's highest edible art

Rare Art (On Show)

A Madrid collection of 20th-Century masters finally goes on show

Dinner Theater (Curtain Raiser)

Paul Newman's latest venture, the Dressing Room, serves up fine food in a homey atmosphere

Vintage Estonia (Grapevine)

Sample some fine berry wines from an unlikely terroir

Lakeland Lark (Check In)

Follow in the steps of Wordsworth at this plush Lake District hotel