Life in Hell: A Baghdad Diary (Cover Story)

In more than 20 trips to the ravaged city, TIME's Aparisim Ghosh has navigated countless perils. His extraordinary story offers a rare insight into the daily life of Iraqi citizens


The War for China's Soul

As Christianity begins to reshape the nation, TIME learns new details about a crackdown on one church


My Kingdom for a Sheep

How an Indian prince bought an Australian sheep farm and lost what may have been the world?s greatest fortune


Peak Time (TIME Global Adviser)

Banyan Tree's new resorts in China's mountainous southwest offer serious relaxation, Himalayan-style

Distilled Wisdom (Next Time You're in ... Singapore)

La Maison du Whisky's Singapore offshoot hopes to educate the Southeast Asian market

The Hard Stuff (Grapevine)

Dishwasher claimed too many wine glasses? Try high tech, unbreakable Kwarx

Wing It (TIME Traveler)

With as many as 1,900 bird species on their doorsteps, Asia's cities are a birdwatchers' paradise


Bespoke Banking (Global Business | Private Banking)

Asia's burgeoning class of millionaires and billionaires offers a vast new market for the world's wealth managers. A Special Report on the private-banking bonanza

How to Clone Switzerland (Global Business | Private Banking)

Tiny Singapore is becoming a wealth-management haven by cleverly mimicking what made Zurich and Geneva rich

Putting on the Ritz (Global Business | Global Investing)

You don't have to be superrich these days to invest like a multimillionaire


North Korea's Rising Waters (Notebook)

A looming humanitarian crisis could make it tougher for the rest of the world to crack down on Pyongyang

Much Ado About Abe (Notebook)

Will the man likely to be Japan's next Prime Minister pick up where Koizumi left off?

Letters (Notebook)

The War That Never Ends