The Deadliest War In The World (Cover Story)

Simmering conflict in Congo has killed 4 million people since 1998, yet few choose to cover the story. TIME looks at a forgotten nation—and what's needed to prevent the deaths of millions more


Trouble in Timor

The world's youngest nation is engulfed in a bloody civil conflict that has its soldiers fighting one another. Can foreign troops restore peace?


Russian Fling (Time Global Adviser)

In Yekaterinburg, a pub gets the Scottish treatment

One Night in ... Shanghai (TIME Global Adviser)

You have one evening to spend in the Paris of the East. Three people in the know tell you how to do it right

Sky's the Limit (Time Global Adviser)

The London Architecture Biennale showcases the city's finest constructions

Seatmates (Time Global Adviser)

Matchmaking is taken to new heights


Great Moments in TIME: 1946-1956 (Great Moments in TIME)

The decade after 1945 saw jubilation at the arrival of peace, and anxiety as the Cold War took shape—and a wedding took place in London. TIME reporters saw it all



A Few Good Men (Books)

The Ruling Caste hails the incorruptibility of the small band of British bureaucrats who ruled the Raj


Battle of the Castes (Notebook)

The government's controversial affirmative action proposal stirs an age-old debate

Letters (Notebook)

Global Movers and Shakers