An Eye For an Eye (Cover Story)

As the violence in Iraq grows more shocking and brutal, TIME explores the roots of the murderous rage—and why the U.S. may be powerless to stop it


Let's Be Friends (Cover Story / India and the U.S.)

When George W. Bush lands in New Delhi this week, India and the U.S. hope to seal a transformation from cold war antagonists to strategic partners


Misery, the Musical

A novice theater director risks government wrath with a song-filled play about a North Korean gulag


Emergency Rules (Notebook)

Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declares a state of emergency and rounds up alleged coup plotters. But amid calls for her resignation, can Arroyo stay in control?

A Triumph on Thin Ice (Notebook)

Figure skater Shizuka Arakawa brought Japan gold from Torino—and a sigh of relief



My Fair Lady (TIME Global Adviser)

Phuket's Lady Sarojin boutique resort is as exemplary as its namesake

The Art of Retail (TIME Global Advisor)

Paris' new Espace Louis Vuitton gallery explores the realm between aesthetics and branding

Eastern Promise (TIME Global Adviser)

Contrary to belief, there are some surprisingly good Asian wines

Judgment Seat (TIME Global Adviser)

Find the best spot in the cabin with

Smooth Waters (TIME Global Adviser)

Dip your toes in Tadao Ando's calming Nadahama Garden Baden spa in Kobe

Tech Watch (TIME Global Adviser)

"Hello ... I'm on The Plane"