Nerves Of Steel (Cover Story)

An Indian steel magnate shakes up Europe with a hostile bid for his leading rival


Torino Gets Stoked (Olympics / Torino 2006)

The world prepares for the Olympics in Torino

Setting the Ice on Fire (Olympics / Torino 2006)

With their power, grace and artistry, Japan's women figure skaters are a daunting force that could help revitalize the troubled sport.

Scandal (Olympics / Torino 2006)

Skating Judges Dial a New Code

Turning the world Upside down (Olympics / Torino 2006)

How China came to rule the unlikely sport of aerial freestyle skiing by repurposing acrobats

No Short Memories (Olympics / Torino 2006)

Korean fans made death threats after his '02 win, but Ohno retains an edge


Letters (Notebook)

A Warrior's Legacy


Google Under the Gun

The Web giantís new service in China challenges idealistic notions about the Net



Day Tripper (TIME Global Adviser)

Traveling Hopefully

Quantity and Quality (TIME Global Adviser)

Slope off for oversized bottles of fine Bordeaux in an Austrian ski resort

On Show (TIME Global Adviser)

They'll Make You a Star

The River Wild (TIME Global Adviser)

Extreme-sports fans head down to the Zambezi for the ride of their lives