The Best Photos of the Year (Cover Story)

They are the indelible images that captured the events and emotions of 2005: natural disasters, war, democracy's spread, sorrow and fleeting glimpses of beauty


Living on a Fault Line

A year after the tsunami, scientists fear that another monster earthquake might one day strike Sumatra, triggering a fresh inundation by the sea. How frightened should we be?


Letters (Notebook)

Hollywood's Asian Romance


Absolute Love

China's first movie musical in years is a gorgeous cinematic treat


Paris in the Winter (TIME Global Adviser)

The Eiffel tower's skating rink reopens, 57 meters above the city

Hamburg with Relish (TIME Global Adviser)

A onetime punk quarter has become Hamburg's tastiest shopping area

All the Tee In China (TIME Global Adviser)

A new golfing and leisure magazine launches in Shanghai, where play is business, too