Can Iraq Rule Itself? (Cover Story)

Amid continuing violence, Iraqis prepare for a crucial election. Here's what it will take for the next government to gain legitimacy—and why the new leaders may demand that the U.S. withdraw


Requiem for Reform?

Zhao Ziyang's vision of political change in China dims as Hu Jintao hardens the Party line

A Pound of Prevention

Public-health workers have done a remarkable job of averting epidemics since the tsunami struck


Sail of the Century (TIME Global Adviser)

The Star Ferry and Peninsula hotel come up with a terrific way to enjoy two of Hong Kong's legendary institutions

Magic Carpet Ride (TIME Global Adviser)

Want to invest in an Afghan rug? Don't be fooled by imitations

Check In (TIME Global Adviser)

Painting the Town Red

Pour 'Em, Cowboy (TIME Global Adviser)

In Hanoi, do as the locals do—go drinking in a Wild West saloon

Tech Watch (TIME Global Adviser)

Small-Scale Scanning

Style Watch (TIME Global Adviser)

Welcome Back, Earth Shoes


Trouble on the Line

China's low-paid laborers have become a commodity. But the law of supply and demand may give them some bargaining power

The New Ideas Labs

As more firms send research to India and China, could the U.S. fall behind?


Land of the Rising Son

In Wrong About Japan, novelist Peter Carey explores pop Tokyo with his manga-mad 12-year-old


Milestones (Notebook)

Chinese hostages walk free

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Person of the Year