Shanghai Swings! (Cover Story)

The long slumber is over, and Shanghai is grooving to an exuberant global beat

The Thrill of Excess (Cover Story)

The transformation of the city's skyline is a dizzying spectacle


Alone at the Summit (Cover Story)

Manmohan Singh is pragmatic, honest—and starting to show some steel as Prime Minister of India

Getting to Know You (Viewpoint)

Manmohan Singh is brilliant. Pervez Musharraf is savvy. Can they get along?


Jiang's Farewell (Notebook)

Jiang Zemin steps down from his military post, leaving Hu Jintao as China's absolute leader

Not Quite a Revolution (Notebook)

Hong Kong's pro-democracy camp makes few gains, but adds a new character to the legislature's cast

Milestones (Notebook)

Anwar Ibrahim loses an appeal

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Olympian Heights


Error of Judgment

The FBI alleges that a veteran U.S. diplomat met with agents from Taiwan. What were they up to?



A Stereo with a Brain (TIME Global Adviser)

You can train Bose's new system to play songs you like. Is it worth the price?

Windy City, Red-Hot Shows (TIME Global Adviser)

Who's got the best theater in the U.S.? Chicago, where stellar performances are a breeze

Asthma-Proofing Your Home (TIME Global Adviser)

The best solutions are not always the expensive ones. What you need to know

Cashing In On The Code (TIME Global Adviser)

Europe's historic shrines win new converts thanks to a bestselling thriller