The Fire This Time (Cover Story)

A suicide bombing in Jakarta shows how vulnerable Indonesia remains to terrorism

The War at Home (Viewpoint)

It's up to Indonesians themselves to fight terrorism


Dangerous Commission

Pervez Musharraf's war on al-Qaeda and on Pakistan's domestic extremists has earned him many enemies

First or Equals?

China's President Hu wants to consolidate power, but his predecessor Jiang Zemin has not yet faded away

A Blackbird's Song (TIME In Depth)

In California, a Laotian refugee remembers the long suffering of his country's Hmong tribespeople


Reaching Your Plateau (TIME Global Adviser)

A multimillion-dollar renovation creates a spa and "Hotel within a Hotel" at Hong Kong's Grand Hyatt

Coup de Grasse (TIME Global Adviser)

Got a nose for perfume? Then let the scent take you to southern France

Slumming It (TIME Global Adviser)

Old tenements never die. They get renovated into bijoux holiday homes

Your Health (TIME Global Adviser)

Low-Calorie Sabotage?

Tech Watch (TIME Global Adviser)

In a new PC, Mickey meets the mouse


Back in the Groove (Music)

The king of bhangra music makes his comeback after a nightmarish clash with the police

The Pride of a Nation (Sports)

Iran's Paralympic volleyball team seeks another gold, but without its secret weapon—war veterans

A Strange Magic

Han Ong's novel The Disinherited portrays the Philippines as seductive, pell-mell and repellent


India's Mania for Malls

There are plans for hundreds of malls across the country. Don't expect many to turn a profit


Radioactive Slips (Notebook)

More details come to light concerning South Korea's nuclear research

Sick of Avian Flu (Notebook)

Troubling new research and a lack of transparency raise the likelihood of a new pandemic on the horizon

Striking Out (Notebook)

A narrowly-averted player walkout highlights the problems in Japan's ailing baseball leagues

Milestones (Notebook)

Asia's marriage of the year

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Saving the Big Cats