Nowhere To Roam (Cover Story)

Wildlife reserves alone cannot protect big cats. A look at new ways to save them


The New Man

Singapore's incoming Prime Minister is eager to show his kinder, gentler side

Going For Broke?

Chronic unemployment, a yawning deficit and uncollected taxes are sinking the Philippines

The Plot Thickens

A newly revealed summit of terrorists in Pakistan raises fears of a fresh plan to attack the U.S.


Amuse Bouche (TIME Global Adviser)

Their Daily Bread: When in Turkey, try some gozleme

Grapevine (TIME Global Adviser)

The Cactus Cure


And in 54th place, it's... (Olympics 2004 | Underdogs)

For Asia's smallest nations, the chance to take part in the Olympics already amounts to victory


Giving Back Hope (Science)

A controversial procedure for injured spines has turned a Beijing hospital into a medical mecca



Hostile Takeover (Notebook)

The battle moves to the political arena as Taipei and Beijing wrap up their wargames

Rewriting History (Notebook)

China and the Koreas feud over the ancient kingdom of Koguryo

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

The Democratic Contenders