What Makes Teens Tick (Cover Story)

New research says our brains don't mature until after the age of 20—which may explain teenage turmoil


The face of Reform

India's new leader Manmohan Singh has to find a way to make economic reform work for the aggrieved rural poor

To the Brink and Back

Under pressure from an angry Beijing and a nervous Washington, President Chen tries to simmer down cross-strait tension with a conciliatory inauguration speech

Hands Off Our Oil!

Australia and East Timor fight it out for a multibillion-dollar oil and gas field


Good Vibrations (TIME Global Adviser | Curtain Raiser)

The Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival

France en Famille (TIME Global Adviser | TIME Traveler)

A family holiday in France doesn't have to mean EuroDisney

Tomato Soup with a Side of Pop Art (TIME Global Adviser | Diversions)

This is the first time Campbell's has deviated from its red-and-white label since it was introduced in 1898

Stay and Play (TIME Global Adviser | Check In)

In Sweden, you can vacation under water—or in a tree

Getting Pinned (TIME Global Adviser | Style Watch)

Everyone from Chanel to Tiffany to Banana Republic is cashing in on the trend

A Better Kind of Brew (TIME Global Adviser | Next Time You're in ... Shanghai)

Check out the sedate and sequestered atmosphere of the Guyuan Antique Teahouse


Macau's Big Score

The crowds at the city's first Las Vegas-style casino herald a whole new era


A Dozen Roses

With their traditional Chinese instruments and megawatt smiles, 12 Girls Band has become China's first pop-music export

In the Mood for Rapture

Everyone's been waiting for Wong Kar-wai's 2046, a kind of sci-fi sequel to In the Mood for Love. It just may be his masterpiece



Left Behind (Notebook)

Koizumi returns from North Korea triumphant—in all ways but one

Cut and Thrust (Notebook)

Activists and restauranteurs grapple over shark's fin

Shocked Jocks (Notebook)

Hong Kong's incendiary political climate claims another outspoken radio host

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the week

Letters (Notebook)

Iraq: What Will It Take?