Mission To Mars (Cover Story)

First the Rover lands, and now Bush wants to send people. We can do it even faster than planned, but here's what it will take


On High Alert (Health)

From Japan to Vietnam, Asian countries are culling millions of chickens infected with a strain of bird flu that can also prove deadly to humans. Can they prevent a pandemic?

Crafting a New Look

India's ruling Hindu-nationalist party is projecting a kinder, gentler image. Is its conversion for real?

Seeking the Middle Way

India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has moved from propagating hate to preaching peace

A Moderate Victory (Viewpoint)

The BJP has reined in its religious radicals, but they're still there on the fringes

The Monster Within

Once nurtured by Musharraf, the violent group Jaish-e-Muhammad now seems bent on killing him


The Fire This Time (Notebook | Philippines)

For thousands left homeless after a blaze in one of Manila's slums, life keeps getting worse

Court Intrigue (Notebook | Cambodia)

A nephew of Cambodian leader Hun Sen faces trial for manslaughter

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Person of the Year


Get 'em While They're Hot?

An investor frenzy over Chinese IPOs recalls the craziness of the dotcom boom. This mania may prove equally ill-fated


Glorious Parasites

A new photo book revisits the splendor and decadence of India's princes


Sicily: Market Research (TIME Global Adviser | Next Time You're In...)

Visit the vastness of Catania's Piazza Carlo Alberto for the ideal Mediterranean market experience

The Heights of Passion (TIME Global Adviser | Long Haul)

The Wright brothers may not have done it, but amorous adventurers have tried to join the "Mile-High Club" almost since the dawn of flight

Heavenly Help Lines (TIME Global Adviser | Cost of Living It Up)

Concierge or credit-card company can't assist? Try divine intervention

Mister Tamborine Man (TIME Global Adviser | Grapevine)

Wet your whistle at Queensland's unique family-run distillery

Small is Beautiful (TIME Global Adviser | Tech Watch)

For the laptop-toting traveler, bigger definitely isn't better