How to Eat Smarter

From portion control to proteins to healthy fats, Time shows how to eat smart in a fast-food world


Elevated Threat

The Philippines steps up its antiterror war after discovering that the deadly Jemaah Islamiah group has become a major threat

Best of Friends

U.S. generosity toward its former colony and close ally in the war on terror has boomed since 9/11

A Singular Woman (Eulogy)

Dazzlingly charismatic and hugely powerful, Madame Chiang Kai-shek was one of the 20th century's most fascinating women

Revelation (Eulogy)

She Wanted to Rule the World


Ballots and Bullets (Notebook)

A series of politically-motivated assassinations sweeps Cambodia

Is It Time to Panic? (Notebook)

Al-Qaeda names Japan as one of six Iraq-related enemies. The real targets may be Japanese abroad

Milestones (Notebook)

Over the falls without a barrel—and surviving

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the week

Letters (Notebook)

Iraq: Mission Not Accomplished


The Dark Night of the Soul (Movies)

The daring indie film Blind Shaft sets its suspenseful story in the moral wasteland of China's coal mines


Give the Kids a Break (Time Global Adviser | Traveler)

After the museums and the cultural enrichment, they need a treat: starfish, scary rides and, of course, ice cream

Hands Off! (Time Global Adviser | Dossier)

In many countries, disciplining your child with force is against the law

Treasures in the Open Air (Time Global Adviser | Diversions)

In Paris, 65 astonishing food markets reveal the foundations of French cuisine

Favorite Squeeze (Time Global Adviser | The cost-of-living-it-up index)

The price of a full-body massage at some of the world's best spas

Question Time (Time Global Adviser | Europe)

Can I get a deal on a new Car?

Tech Watch (Time Global Adviser | Tech Watch)

Say Buh-Bye to Videotape