So, What Went Wrong? (Cover Story)

Ever since America's decisive military victory, Iraq has been nothing but trouble. TIME reports on the errors and bad guesses, before and after the war, that got the Bush Administration into this spot

Chasing a Mirage (Cover Story)

The U.S. was sure Saddam had WMD, but Iraqi scientists tell TIME the weapons were destroyed long before the war


Is Japan's Resurgence For Real?

Rosy economic news and a soaring stock market have optimists convinced that Japan is finally on the mend. Don't be so sure

Return of the Serpent

After 28 years, a retired cop gets a chance to bring a criminal legend to justice

Police Under fire

The nation's scandal-ridden police force is under pressure to reform itself


10 Questions For Pervez Musharraf


Hong Kong's Back! (Global Adviser | Time Traveler)

Shaking free of SARS, the territory puts on a show—and rolls out the Stones—for visitors

Returning to the Roost (Global Adviser | Dossier)

Footloose New Zealanders find a new place to settle down: back home

Long Haul (Global Adviser | Reading Matters)

Three for a Plane Ride

Golf Around the Globe (Global Adviser | The Cost-Of-Living-It-Up Index)

Here's what it costs to shoot 18 holes at some of the world's top public courses


Blacktop Buccaneers

India's book pirates hawk best sellers on the street for a few rupees. Now publishers are fighting back


An Affair to Remember

Bloodier, darker and deeper, Infernal Affairs II is a worthy successor to its record-breaking predecessor


The Man with Two Names (Notebook)

Was a South Korean exile and dissident philosopher actually a high-ranking spy for the North?

Milestones (Notebook)

The 'James Bond' of boogie dies; the conscience of Burma returns home

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

The New Science of Dyslexia