What's Next (Cover Story)

From cool gadgets to tomorrow's hottest films, we offer a vision of what’s to come


Great Leap Skyward

As the country's super-secret space program prepares for its first manned mission, China shows it's ready to be a global player

A Long-Distance Friendship

The struggles of two starkly different friends highlight the many problems facing women in a not-so-new Afghanistan



More Than Chick Flicks

From Thai martial-arts heroes to a sultry Gong Li, the Toronto International Film Festival showcases the best in Asian cinema


Down the Drain (Notebook)

After death and taxes, life offers one more inevitability: your tax dollars will undoubtedly pay for something overpriced or ridiculous. Asian nations like to spend, and the amounts they waste are anything but small change

Thank You for the Music (Notebook)

"(Lifting the ban) will help boost the Korean film industry's competitiveness"

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Milestones (Notebook)

Ali Imron is the third principal in the Bali case

Letters (Notebook)

Letters: Is the U.S. Stretched Too Thin?