Unlocking The Matrix (Cover Story)

An exclusive look at the year's most avidly anticipated film epic


Mission: Impossible?

To ease the nuclear threat from Pyongyang, the U.S. and South Korea must work together. Fat chance

Reckless Driving (Viewpoint)

Kim Jong Il's erratic moves strengthen the hawks' case for regime change


Back to the Table (Notebook)

Can the latest thaw between India and Pakistan be a tentative step towards peace?

Forbidden Fruit (Notebook)

Kim Jong Il has a new threat to worry about: smuggled soaps and porn videos

Milestone (Notebook)

CHARGED. AMROZI, 39; with involvement in the October 2002 Bali bombings; in Denpasar, Indonesia.

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the week


Control Issues

SARS could be a surprising boon for the country’s leaders—or a national disaster

Beating Back the Bug

With the disease on the wane in Hong Kong, SARS no longer seems so terrifying


Social Evil Sells

The semiscandalous Vietnamese film Bar Girls mixes entertainment with state-sanctioned morality

Big, Bad Cops

Johnnie To’s PTU deconstructs the Hong Kong cop movie


Detour: Ice Bound (TIME Traveler)

For a closer look at the Meili peaks, head to the village of Mingyong

Hot Spot: Selling Green (Time Traveler)

Despite surging traveler numbers and "greenwashing", Asian ecotourism is hitting its stride