His Lonely March

As the U.N. stalls, the U.S. is set to invade—with or without international help


Thin Red Line

The North Korean nuclear crisis escalates; the U.S. does nothing. What is the endgame?

The Reformers (Business)

An idealistic new leader wants to rock Korea Inc.'s boat. He'd better not swamp the economy

First Bali, now Davao

A lethal attack in the Philippines is a chilling reminder that terrorism is still a threat in the region

The Shock of the New (Letter from China)

A Buddhist theme park may be the latest enterprise to threaten China's fragile cultural heritage


Internal Affairs (Notebook)

Indonesia's police and military forces should be working together to subdue insurgencies combat crime and crack down on terrorism

Milestones (Asia)

Fidel Castro is reelected—surprise


Clueless in Kathmandu

A Nepali math teacher suffers a twisted midlife crisis in Samrat Upadhyay's novel, The Guru of Love