Standing Up for Islam

Muslims are fighting back— not just against the West but also against the militancy in their midst. A TIME Special Report on the diversity of Islam in Asia

The Politics of Islam (Asia)

Islam has long been a religious and cultural force. Now it's going political

A Jihadi's Tale (Asia)

What drives so many Muslims to find peace in a holy war? Andrew Marshall seeks to understand the path taken by an Indonesian cleric

Weakness in Numbers (Asia)

Muslim minorites face persecution, and pan-Islamic solidarity is often their only defense


We're All on the Same Side (Special Report - Islam in Asia: Essay)

That Muslims are defined exclusively by their faith is fallacious— and dangerous

Ending the Patriarchy (Special Report - Islam in Asia: Viewpoint)

To claim their rights, Muslim women cannot leave it to men to define Islam

Model Nation (Special Report - Islam in Asia: Viewpoint)

Malaysia stands out in the Muslim world for merging Islam and modernity



The Plastic Premier

Does Wen Jiabao, China's new No. 2, have the courage to carry out reforms?


All Washed Up?

Once football's favorite son, Gazza's bottomed out in China and back on the bottle


Matriarch of Malaysia (Books)

Rani Manicka may be the novelist who puts Malaysia on the world literary map


Goodbye, Godfather (Notebook)

Nam Cam, Vietnam's most powerful and vicious gangster, goes to court. Who will he bring down with him?

The Fire Still Burns (Notebook)

Family members of Korea's subway fire victims say authorities are bungling the investigation

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week