Wretched Excess (Cover Story)

Flush with the spoils of capitalism, China's fledgling multimillionaires are living large. Mao would have had a cow



Tiger Country

After 19 years of civil war and 65,000 deaths, the Tamil rebels are finally talking peace. In Tigerland a new and strange nation is being born

Three the Very Hard Way

TIME pieces together the tale of three Pakistani jihadis imprisoned in Indian-administered Kashmir


China's New Terrorists (Notebook)

With a new U.N. 'terrorist' label, it's open season on China's Muslim minorities

Milestones (Notebook)

A Resistance leader and a football hero say goodbye; a con man gets his comeuppance

Starting Time (Notebook)

The words and numbers that shape our world


Hot Spot

The most famous volcano on Flores


Villagers in Bena will tell you they are Christians, Flores, culture, sacrifice, volcanoes, Ibolobu, Enerea