The Forgotten Angels

Whether sired by G.I.s or sex-touring retirees, the Amerasians of Angeles City live in racial purgatory


Safe Landing

A carefully engineered game plan helped Bush bring the U.S. flight crew home.

Four Key Lessons

The last couple of weeks have been instructive across a range of China and U.S. issues

Mummy Not So Dearest

A supposed 2,600-year-old mummy discovered in Pakistan turns out to be a 21st-century sham




A Time to (Alternatively) Heal (Innovators)

Yoga, herbs and homeopathy aren't just for hippies anymore. Can botanical healing and guided imagery be far behind?

Mind Over Malignancies (Innovators)

Few practitioners have delved as deeply or successfully into the link between mind and disease as Jeanne Achterberg

Has Your Liver Been Liberated? (Innovators)

Jean-Pierre Barral spent decades developing the therapeutic technique he calls visceral manipulation, which has become part of the standard curriculum at all European osteopathic schools

A Gentle Way to Wellness (Innovators)

Tieraona Low Dog is serving on the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy

The Man with Magic Fingers (Innovators)

George Goodheart developed applied kinesiology, which has thousands of practitioners around the world

A New Kind of Pulse (Innovators)

John Upledger's nontraditional medical practice of craniosacral therapy, which he created, is rapidly gaining adherents

Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit (Innovators)

Patricia Walden is a leading proponent of yoga as a holistic therapy, and her early teaching videos helped move yoga into the mainstream