SEX IN ASIA: Turning Up the Heat

Our exclusive survey shows Asians are throwing off their prudish habits and evolving a whole new attitude to sex: anything goes

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

She's looking for him. He's looking for her. Who's looking for love? Nobody. In Shanghai, it's survival of the hottest

Night Of the Hunter

He loves the ladies, and the ladies, he assures us, love him. So why is our Hong Kong Casanova going home alone?

Boys Night Out

We're here. We're queer. Get used to it. Can Singapore accept its gay community?

Boys Will Be Girls

In a Bangkok clinic, $1,000 can turn a man into a woman. Some call that the price of freedom

Tough Love

Whip me. Spank me. Pinch me. Then tell me I'm a bad, bad boy. Why do some people like it to hurt so good?

Playing Rough

The Web has made it easier than ever to find a sex partner. But as one Taiwanese discovered, cyberscores can be fatal

Dirty Movies

Asian cinema has action — and we don't mean car crashes

Up All Night Long

Get ready to rumble. It's moth larvae versus seahorse in this battle of the aphrodisiacs


Learning to Die

How did an explosion wreck a Chinese village school and kill scores of students?

Sins of the Father

In Vietnam, there is religious freedom. Pray quietly, keep out of politics and you won't go to jail