Showdown For Doctor Death

With his latest arrest, Kevorkian pushes the euthanasia debate a grisly step farther

Dr. Jack Kevorkian's televised killing of Thomas Youk, 52, on 60 Minutes last week had the familiar dramatic arc of an infomercial. Act I presents the vexing problem--baldness, cellulite or, in this case, Youk's advanced-stage Lou Gehrig's disease. In Act II the host touts a miracle solution--hair transplants, Taekwondo or a shot of heart-stopping potassium chloride. In the final act come the gushing testimonials. Youk couldn't play the role of satisfied customer himself--by Act III he was dead--but his wife Melody stepped in. "I don't consider it murder," she told the viewers at home. "I consider it humane."

After centuries of...