The Summit: Anger, Bluff - and Cooperation

Behind the Sandinistas' stunning election loss in Nicaragua is the secret story of U.S.-Soviet partnership in Central America. George Bush may lack Gorbachev's grand vision, but he and his advisers pr

In late November 1989, American intelligence reported that the Soviet freighter Vladimir Ilyich, bound for Nicaragua, had loaded a cargo of four Mi- 17 Hip helicopters at Port Leningrad. The 38 Hips previously shipped to the Sandinistas had been used to devastating effect in the war against the contra rebels. It now looked as if Managua would get more. In neighboring El Salvador, meanwhile, Marxist guerrillas had launched their strongest offensive in years, managing to trap twelve American Green Berets in a luxury hotel. President Bush responded by dispatching a contingent of Delta Force commandos. U.S. intervention seemed a distinct possibility....

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