Environment: Earth Day Defenders of the Planet

From around the world, six "grass-roots heroes" have been chosen as the first winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize "for men and women of vision and courage who take great risks for the environme

Walks on the Wild Side

A long-distance walk for a worthy cause is hardly a new idea, but Kenyan Michael Werikhe has taken the concept to new lengths. Over the past eight years, Werikhe, 33, has trekked thousands of miles across Africa and Europe to raise money to save the black rhino, one of the world's most endangered species.

Elephant tusks, rhino horns and leopard skins confiscated from poachers were a common sight in the "ivory room" of the Kenyan Game Department's Mombasa office, where Werikhe used to work. But a pair of 50-kg (110-lb.) tusks brought in one day by...