Show Business: What's Old Is Gold: A Triumph for Indy

3 Two roguish stars, Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, shine as the Jones boys in this summer of the sequels

"Tell me a story, Dad."

So the father tells a story of a modern knight in fedora and leather jacket, a disinterested seeker of treasure and truth who leaps vast crevices, evades killer boulders, outwits nasty Nazis and dodges vengeful spirits while searching for the legendary Ark of the Covenant. The child is beguiled, and Dad is impressed, despite himself. Pretty good yarn Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Next night. "Tell me another story the same, but different."

This time Dad sends the rogue archaeologist to India to battle child- enslaving thugs, take a roller-coaster ride through lower Hades and narrowly...

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