Education: Forgotten Fellowships

The Harvard Alumni Bulletin last week, checking over the clubs that have flourished or floundered at Harvard during the college's 307 years, professed itself mystified by many of them. Some forgotten sodalities:

The Agora (1906-09), Agudath Kimah (1920-23), Anti-Wine Society (1837-43), Aureus Ramus (1825), Lemonade Club (1844-58), Chitty Pleading Club (1874-75), Deipnophatoi (1815), Eranetic Club (1829), Free Wool Club (1889-91), Friendly Fire Society (1833), Hard Cyder Club (1755), Mixolydian Quintette Club (1875-76), Monks of the Flagon (1848-56), De Schwatgenide Brudorschaft (1885-86), Society to Discourage Perpetration of Crimes (1793), Star Chamber (1873-74), West End Crowd (1864). Ydel Cruth (1860), Wicht Club (1903-11).


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