Business & Finance: Index: Sep. 3, 1928

Securities. Bulls rejoiced at the stock-market's unexpected spurt of strength.

Banks. In Chicago, bankers foresaw a merger of the two "biggest" institutions, forming the second largest bank in the U. S. (see p. 32).

Siam abruptly substituted, as a monetary unit, the baht for the tical. Traders wrestled, last week, with the baht; tcher-vontzi (Russian); lei (Rumanian); zloty (Polish); escudo (Portuguese); quetzal (Guatemalan).

Rails. Southern Pacific announced, last week, election of able Hale Holden, now president of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy. to be Chairman of the Executive Committee of Southern Pacific. Railroader Holden has won bright fame as chief lieutenant of astute Arthur...