Theatre: Best Plays in Manhattan: Sep. 10, 1928


PORGY—Negro players still militant in a relentless tragedy of the Charleston riverfront (TIME, Oct. 24).

COQUETTE—Helen Hayes, recently become Mrs. Charles MacArthur, still stressing the story of a luckless betrothal (TIME, Nov. 21).

STRANGE INTERLUDE—The Theatre Guild's tireless mammoth cavorting seriously for September standees (TIME, Feb. 13).


THE ROYAL FAMILY—Continuous disturbances in a family of theatrical grandees (TIME, Jan. 9).

THE BACHELOR FATHER—A libertine reaps his wild oats as gaily as he sowed them (TIME, March 12).

VOLPONE—Ben Jonson's satiric story of a Venetian miser sumptuously staged by the Theatre Guild (TIME, April 23).


THE TRIAL OF MARY DUGAN—A long, long trial, unravelling...