Books: Best Sellers

FICTION 1—Sleeping Murder, Christie(1 lastweek)

2-Trinity, Uris (2)

3—Storm Warning, Higgins (6)

4—Touch Not the Cat, Stewart (7)

5—Dolores, Susann (4)

6—Slapstick, Vonneguf(3)

7—Ordinary People, Guest (5)

8—Blue Skies, No Candy, Greene

9—Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet, Kemelman (10)

10—The Navigator, West (9)


1—Passages, Sheeny (1)

2—Roots, Haley (2)

3—Your Erroneous Zones, Dyer (4)

4—The Right and the Power, Jaworski (3)

5—Adolf Hitler, Toland (5)

6—The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, Bombeck (9)

7—Blood and Money, Thompson (8)

8—A Year of Beauty and Health Beverly & Vidal Sassoon (10)

9—The Final Days, Woodward & Bernstein (7)

10—Fire and Ice, Tobias...