FICTION: Best Sellers

1—Trinity, Uris (1 last week.

2—Sleeping Murder, Christie (2)

3—Dolores, Susann (3)

4—Touch Not the Cat, Stewart (6)

5—OrdinaryPeople, Guesf (4)

6—Slapstick, Vonneguf (5)

7— Storm Warning, Higgins

8—Fancy Dancer, Warren (7)

9—The LonelyLady, Robbins

10—Magic, Goldman


1—Passages, Sheehy (1)

2—The Right and the Power, Jaworski (3)

3—Your Erroneous Zones, Dyer (2)

4—Roots, Haley (5)

5—The Final Days, Woodward & Bernstein (4)

6—Blood and Money, Thompson

7—A Year of Beauty and Health, Beverly & Vidal Sassoon (6)

8—The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, Bombeck

9-Adolf Hitler, Toland(7)

10—A Man Called Intrepid, Stevenson