Books: Evolution of a Cynic

ALDOUS HUXLEY by John Atkins. 218 pages. Orion Press. $5.95.

THE HUXLEYS by Ronald W. Clark. 398 pages. McGraw-Hill. $8.95.

THIS TIMELESS MOMENT: A PERSONAL VIEW OF ALDOUS HUXLEY by Laura Ar-chera Huxley. 330 pages. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $6.95.

Few writers leave behind even one legend. It is Aldous Huxley's distinction that he managed to leave two.

To his contemporaries in the 1920s, young Aldous Huxley had been a legend for his "lack of charity." He was seen as "a walking encyclopedia," alive only from the neck up. Aldous, Elizabeth Bowen once said with damning...