KOREA: The Wall Street Lawyer

A white-haired lawyer from Wall Street sat in a straw hut at Panmunjom last week, while Chinese and North Korean Communists on the other side of the table paid him their respects. "Warmonger! Liar! Rogue! Slicker!" they cried. "You are bloody-handed, deceitful, stupid. We must warn you to behave!" The American leaned back and laughed.

The Communists charged that the "perfidious" U.S. had masterminded Syngman Rhee's release of 27,000 anti-Communist

P.W.s last summer. At this, the American remarked: "What utter nonsense! What utter garbage! How silly can you get?" And when the Reds repeated the slur, the Wall Street lawyer replied...

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