Books: RECENT & READABLE, may 28, 1951

Little Men, Big World, by W. R. Burnett. Fast-moving gang novel by the author of Little Caesar and High Sierra (TIME, May 21).

Buoyant Billions, Farfetched Fables & Shakes Versus Shav, by George Bernard Shaw. The last plays of G.B.S. A bit short on wit and wind, but still full of typically Shavian flashes (TIME, May 14).

Dominations and Powers, by George Santayana. Gracefully written skepticism by one of the moral gadflies of the 20th Century; the last volume Philosopher Santayana expects to publish in his lifetime (TIME, May 7).

Nones, by W. H. Auden. Eighty-one pages of assertions, most of them witty,...