Milestones, Apr. 17, 1944

Engaged. James Joseph Patterson, 21, West Point cadet, only son of New York Daily News Publisher Joseph Medill Patterson; and Dorothy Marie Clarke, 21, of Ossining, N.Y., his onetime grade-school flame; in Ossining.

Sued for Divorce. By Cinemactress Lana Turner, 23, well-knit sweater girl: Stephen Crane, 28, cinemaspirant, one time broker; almost two years after their marriage (for each the second), 14 months after its annulment, 13 months after their remarriage, nine months after the birth of their daughter ; in Los Angeles. She charged extreme cruelty, asked for custody of Cheryl Christinia Crane, sought no alimony.

Died. John Peale Bishop, 51, West...