Milestones, Jun. 26, 1933

Eloped. Stevens H. Hammond, 23, Chicago sportsman and socialite, vice president of Whiting Corp. (steel); and one Madelyn La Salle, model who posed for Sculptor John H. Storrs's figure of Ceres on the Chicago Board of Trade Building; in Chicago.

Married. Devadas Gandhi, 21; and Luxmi Raja Gopal Achariav, 20; in Poona, India (see p. 18).

Married. Ruth H. Kresge, 30, often rumored engaged, eldest daughter of Sebastian Spering Kresge (5¢-10¢-25¢ stores); and Henry W. Nugent Head, 35, Wall Street broker, onetime British Army officer in India.

Married. Matthew Chauncey ("Matt") Brush, 56, Wall Street...