Reporting: The Day Khrushchev Died

At 9:30 one night last week, Teleprinter No. 2 chattered abruptly into life in the newsroom of West Deutsche Rundfunk, a radio station in Cologne. This meant fresh copy from the telegraph office, and the late-shift operator dutifully bestirred himself to see what was coming in. The message he read jolted him down to his half soles. TODAY, LATE IN AFTERNOON, announced Telex No. 2, FIRST MINISTER OF U.S.S.R. KHRUSHCHEV DIED SURPRISINGLY AT 20:19 CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME OF HEPHOCAPALYTIROSISES. The message was signed TASS/ASAHI BONN—an unusual signature apparently signifying that the information had come from Tass, the Russian news...

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