THEATER: On Broadway, Sep. 21, 1959


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Blue Angel. The 30-year-old Dietrich dazzler updated, with sultry Swedish Actress May Britt as the Berlin Lorelei whose siren song lures West Germany's Box Office Idol Curt Jurgens onto the rocks.

The Magician (Swedish). Writer-Director Ingmar Bergman's latest public fantasy, full of sharp physical images and foggy symbols; the story of a mid-19th century Mesmer and his touring Magnetic Health Theater, whose members include his wife (Ingrid Thulin), masquerading as a male helper, his witch grandmother, an ailing actor, and an oversexed coachman.

The Man Upstairs (English). A demented scientist, with only his pistol and his twisted dreams for company, holes up on the top floor of a sleazy London rooming house and defies a world below that tries to coax him into coming down.

North by Northwest. Director Alfred Hitchcock's implausible, entertaining mystery, with Gary Grant as a Madison Avenue adman up to his immaculate collar in spies and counterspies, among them Eva Marie Saint and James Mason.

Anatomy of a Murder. Lee Remick and James Stewart are slickly professional in this adaptation of 1958's most physiological bestseller; yet even they cannot compete with a cinema (but not TV) newcomer from Boston named Joseph N. Welch, a lawyer by training.

The Nun's Story. A startlingly beautiful though spiritually slight study of convent life, with Audrey Hepburn as the Roman Catholic nun whose choice between love of God and love of mankind comes hard.

Porgy and Bess. George Gershwin would spin like a top at the heavy, wide-screen pageant that Producer Sam Goldwyn has fashioned from his folk opera, but nothing can stop the tingle of Gershwin's wonderful songs.


Wed., Sept. 16 Khrushchev at the National Press Club

(NBC, 1:30-3 p.m.).The beginning of what will surely seem a minute-to-minute report of the big visit. All week, all the networks will be sighting in with live coverage.

The Arthur Godfrey Show (CBS, 10-11 p.m.). Is this the beginning of the trouper's return to active duty? Arthur is holding out. His old friends will have to tune in to find out what sort of program he put together while recuperating in Hawaii and at home in Leesburg, Va.

Thurs., Sept. 17

Woman! (CBS, 2-3 p.m.). Second in a carefully researched series of specials apparently dedicated to stripping modern women of every secret. Good direction may keep Hostess-Swimmer Esther Williams properly inconspicuous while the show attacks the question: "Is the American Woman Losing Her Femininity?"

Fri., Sept. 18

America Pauses in September (NBC, 8:30-9:30 p.m.). Mood shots and mood music from all over the U.S. as the nation changes gears with the changing seasons Burgess Meredith calls the tunes, with Julie London, Gene Nelson, the cast of Holiday on Ice, and the Martin Denny Group.

M-Squad (NBC, 9:30-10 p.m.). One of the best of the cops-and-robbers crew has finished the reruns and starts fresh. Lee Marvin as Chicago Detective Frank Ballinger sweats out the search for a bomb planted in a hospital.

Sat., Sept. 19

N.C.A.A. Football (NBC, 4:45 p.m.). First of the season's colorcasts that will give college football a new TV dimension. Louisiana State v. Rice at Baton Rouge.

Sun., Sept. 20

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