Milestones, Jun. 4, 1956

Married. Anita Ekberg, 24, bosomy, Swedish-born cinemactress (Artists and, Models, Blood Alley); and Anthony Steel, 36, British cinemactor (Something Money Can't Buy); she for the first time, he for the second; in Florence, Italy.

Married. Audrey Meadows, 31, red-haired stage actress (Top Banana), long-suffering TV wife of Comedian Jackie ("The Honeymooners") Gleason; and Randolph Rouse, 37, Washington realtor; both for the first time; in Manhattan.

Died. Hortense Monath, 51, topflight concert pianist, program director and co-founder (in 1936) of Manhattan's famed New Friends of Music, first American woman pianist to solo with the...